RuneGuru was an all-in-one OSRS PvM, PvP and skilling clan, resource website and online communitythat was launched on the 14th of March 2015.


In 2017, a person who had opted to manage our official Clan Chat 'RuneGuru' decided to impose a full ban on the owner from accessing the OSRS Clan Chat. Considerable time, effort and management was forfeited by the owner to make RuneGuru a popular, fun and respectful community but this was all lost by a person who wanted to harvest the fruits of such labours and to hijack the credit.


Later in 2017, the hijacker launched a freeware bulletin board for the RuneGuru CC which constituted a copyright and trademark infringement. In an appeal to the bulletin board host they immediately redacted the bulletin board under a formal  Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) request (see screenshot 1a)


As of 2017, immediately after the infringement of our trademark name, RuneGuru has no publicly named or listed Managers, Administrators, Leaders, Social Media accounts or other roles. Anybody claiming to hold such roles are bogus and fraudulent.


Going forth, requests the cessation of our trademark CC display name followed by the name being blacklisted to prevent further infringements.

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